Website content audits

Get the groundwork you need to produce smarter content that drives more traffic and generates more leads

What you can expect from a website content audit

I’ll examine your website content to find out how:

  • Well and how clear your content reads
  • It guides your prospective customers through their decision making
  • It drives action

Your strategic website content audit will measure your site guided by web industry best practices. It will include:

  • 35-point usability checklist
  • A per page analysis guided by The 5 C’s Content Guide™ for Web Pages That Work.

My objective is to audit your site to see whether your page content is:

Customer focused

First off, does your page content speak to visitors 1-on-1 with solution-oriented messages?


Next, does your page content use the most relevant SEO keywords and marketing copy to differentiate you from your competition?


Then, is your page content scannable and formatted in a user-friendly structure?


Beyond that, does your page content guide visitors with offers and links that generate a strong call to action?


And finally, are all your web pages connected with a constant brand voice and SEO approach?

Your website content audit report

You’ll receive a detailed report that identifies your website’s strengths and opportunities. It will include:

  • Screenshots to show you clearly what’s working on your web pages and what can be improved
  • Your search engine rankings and a comparison against your competitors
  • A customised content strategy to boost SEO traffic and site conversions.

Finally, I’ll review the report with you and help you to put a content plan into place that will make each page stand up on its own and work for you.

*Site Audit Checklist developed by

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