LinkedIn profile optimisation

Captivate connections with your story

Optimise your LinkedIn profile and lay the foundations for long term business relationships

Take a good look at your LinkedIn profile. Now put yourself in the shoes of your customers. How well does your profile reflect your personal brand?

If your profile resembles an online CV, realise you are missing out on marketing opportunities for both yourself and your business.

My point is this:

  • Your CV presents your past
  • Your LinkedIn profile presents your future

Use LinkedIn to your advantage

Optimising your social profiles should form part of your overall contact strategy.

Indeed, when you optimise your LinkedIn profile, you’ll reap the rewards of a powerful social networking tool used by businesses for:

  • Building networks and relationships with potential referrers, influencers and clients
  • Identifying new business opportunities and sales pipelines
  • Keeping up to date with sector news … and the competition

Be aware that:

  • Your referrers and prospective clients are more likely to check you out on LinkedIn than your website
  • Your activity keeps you front of mind with your connections (and your connection’s connections)
  • Your profile is indexed by Google

Why Linkedin profile optimisation matters

Do you know that over a billion searches are carried out on LinkedIn annually?

While many people search for individuals and companies, others search using key words.

For this reason, LinkedIn uses an algorithm to sort searches by relevance:

  • Your 1st-degree connections will show up first
  • Of those 1st-degree connections – those with a completed profile containing relevant keywords will rank first
  • Your second and third connections, group members and everyone else will follow (again sorted by key word relevance)

What you can expect from my LinkedIn profile optimisation service

I’ll help you get noticed by industry professionals, influencers and even potential employers by drafting a profile that:

  • Contains the right keywords for SEO (search engine optimisation) purposes
  • Attracts attention with a compelling professional headline and about section that speaks directly to potential clients, referrers and connections, just as you would do if you met your contacts in person
  • Engages readers and drives traffic to your website

I recently engaged Claire Hawes to help me get to grips with LinkedIn. Claire had been recommended to me and I loved her upbeat friendly approach. It was just a one-hour workshop which was jam-packed full of useful information and tips and importantly on-trend and up-to-date in the ever-expanding social media world. Being shown what to do face to face makes it much easier to understand, I’ve come away having learned a great deal and would highly recommend Claire.

Rachel Skinner

Director, Lomax & Skinner

Ready to wow your readers and start getting a return on investment from your website and marketing activities?

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