Website content audits

Get the groundwork you need to produce smarter content that drives more traffic and generates more leads.

Let’s examine your existing website content to find out:

  • How well and how clear your content reads.
  • How it guides your prospective customers through the buy cycle.
  • How it drives action.

Your strategic SEO content audit will measure your site guided by web industry best practices. It will include:

  • 35-point usability checklist.
  • A per page analysis guided by The 5 C’s Content Guide™ for Web Pages That Work.
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My objective is to audit your site to see whether your page content is:

Customer focused

Does your page content speak to visitors 1-on-1 with solution-oriented messages?


Does your page content use the most relevant SEO keywords and marketing copy to differentiate you from your competition?


Is your page content scannable and formatted in a user-friendly structure?


Does your page content guide visitors with offers and links that generate a strong call to action?


Are all your web pages connected with a constant brand voice and SEO approach?

Your content audit report

You’ll receive a detailed report that identifies your website’s strengths and opportunities. It will include:

  • Screenshots to show you clearly what’s working on your web pages and what can be improved
  • Your search engine rankings and a comparison against your competitors
  • A customised content strategy to boost SEO traffic and site conversions.

Finally, I’ll review the report with you and help you to put a content plan into place that will make each page stand up on its own and work for you.

*Site Audit Checklist developed by

I asked Claire at The Content Boutique to provide a content audit of my new website because my business wasn’t appearing in searches. Her approach was brisk and positive, starting with a phone call followed by the content audit itself, and a final phone call to tie up loose ends. I found the page-by-page suggestions very clear and I liked the way I was able to rewrite for myself following her guidelines. I now get much better search results!
Kate Minogue, Poise and Posture