Customer case study writing

Inspire readers with real stories told by actual customers

What to expect from my customer case study writing services

Picture this. A piece of marketing collateral you can:

  • Publish on your website, in newsletters, emails and printed materials
  • Use as a basis for scripts for videos, animations and podcasts
  • Take with you to face to face meetings

Better still, a piece of content that:

  • Will help you to find new and captivating ideas for blog posts
  • You can chop up, and pull out quotes

More importantly, a piece of content that:

  • Provides 3rd party proof you can do what you say you can do
  • Is written in your customers’ own words, so adds credibility to your claims
  • Is authentic and therefore persuasive

What is this magical piece of content?

Answer: The customer case study.

What makes a successful case study?

An attention-grabbing story angle

I’ll work with you to determine the story’s hook. By this, I mean a unique angle, important for your audience to know. Moreover, one that will interest them.

A story told from your customer’s point of view

We’re naturally drawn to stories. They elicit emotion. I’ll tell the story of an individual customer’s experience of your products and services, in the language your audience speaks.

Claims backed up by numbers

In addition to an interesting hook, I’ll tell a compelling story rich with detail. I ask the right questions and glean the information from the interview process.

How I manage your case study writing project

I’ll guide you through the case study writing process in a logical and straightforward way. The process involves:

  • A background discovery call
  • A telephone/Skype interview with the case study subject
  • Writing
  • Revision
  • Final approval

What your finished case study will look like

Your finished case study will include:

  • A compelling headline
  • The customer background
  • The challenges
  • The journey
  • The solution
  • The implementation
  • The results and benefits achieved
  • A sidebar with summary points
  • Pull-out quotes

I asked Claire at The Content Boutique to provide a content audit of my new website because my business wasn’t appearing in searches. Her approach was brisk and positive, starting with a phone call followed by the content audit itself, and a final phone call to tie up loose ends. I found the page-by-page suggestions very clear and I liked the way I was able to rewrite for myself following her guidelines. I now get much better search results!

Kate Minogue

Poise and Posture

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