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Hello there!

Thank you so much for your interest in my copywriting services.

The fact that you’re reading this page tells me you know you can’t sit around waiting for customers to discover your products and services.

You understand that business success relies on words that clearly communicate what you do.

In particular, words to explain how you provide answers to problems that need solving and create awareness of your existence.

After that, words to keep the conversation going even after your customer has walked out the door.

Of course, I know you know your business and your products and services inside and out.

What’s more, I know you can write. You might even enjoy writing.

But here’s the thing. I’m guessing the reason you’ve visited this page is that you’re too busy running your business to spend time researching, writing, search engine optimising, editing and proofreading compelling marketing copy.

Moreover, you don’t want to take the risk of quickly cobbling words together in the hope that they resonate with customers.

Because you understand the right words can directly lead to enquiries and sales.

If this is the case, here’s how I can help.

My name is Claire Hawes, and I’m a copywriter

I’m known for my clear and simple writing that gets essential information across quickly.

Most importantly, I make sure your messages are understood and acted on.

How I manage your copywriting projects

My 5 step collaborative copywriting process makes content creation easy.

For every copywriting project, you can expect:

  • Briefing
  • First draft
  • Two rounds of edits
  • Proofreading
  • Delivery of your final version

I’ll present your copy to you in an agency style copy deck – a written document made up of essential background information for promoting your product or service.

Pen on paper | Claire Hawes's copywriting process

My copy deck makes it easy for you and your project stakeholders to read and edit your copy. Also, for graphic designers and web developers to implement the final version.

What are the benefits of hiring me to write your copy?

If you’re a business owner, marketing manager, web or design agency, then my copywriting services:

Mailboxes: How to boost sales with an easy email lead nurturing campaign
  • Save you time
  • Give readers compelling reasons to choose your products and services
  • Give readers confidence that they’re making the right choice
  • Guide readers to take your desired action
  • Build trust
  • Nurture relationships
  • Eradicate grammar issues

In other words, you’ll get marketing copy that pays for itself in the results that it delivers.

Great copywriting backed up by marketing know-how

Underpinning my work is sound knowledge and experience of marketing strategy

I’m a classically trained (Chartered Institute of Marketing) marketer.


I was awarded the Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma in 1999.


Then in January 2012, I completed the industry-respected Success Works SEO copywriting programme.

My background

I learnt the principles of good writing and the power of clear communications from an early age.

My parents were Fleet Street journalists.

I would have followed my parents into the family trade, but for one problem. I was a shy teenager. I didn’t like using the phone.

… Not a good trait for a budding reporter.

But I’ve always been fascinated by the world of business. And after watching the film ‘Working Girl’, I decided this was the place I wanted to be.

So I started my career in sales support, where I learned about the importance of the sales process.

From sales support, I made a natural move into marketing.

Fortunately for me, the companies I worked for were big enough to have a budget but not big enough for agencies to do all the work for them.

As a result, I had the opportunity to get involved in all aspects of marketing. In particular, writing copy for websites, brochures, direct mail, adverts, newsletters, PR and more.

Claire Hawes copywriter

How I add value to your team

Work with me, and you’ll get a copywriter who knows how to find out what makes your target market tick.

You’ll get the benefit of my experience gained from working in-house as a Marketing Manager covering all aspects of marketing communications:

  • Website content planning and content creation
  • Newsletters
  • PR
  • Corporate Literature (production of)
  • Advertising (writing copy for ads)
  • Direct marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Event management

Also, working closely with sales teams and account managers, design agencies and directly with SMEs.


What my customers say about me

Lucinda Hope Director Simply Swim Sussex Ltd.

Claire Hawes from The Content Boutique recently did a wonderful job at rewriting my homepage for me. It now allows the user to access all areas of my site straight away and find the information they need. It is also more interesting and gives a good first impression when using the site which is so important. Claire also worked quickly and efficiently and within the stated time frame and I would recommend her as a copywriter.

~Lucinda Hope Director Simply Swim Sussex Ltd.~

Rick Smallwood, Owner, Teachweb

I have worked with Claire for around a year now and found her to be an efficient and knowledgeable business partner. She has raised our company’s profile in social media.

~Rick Smallwood, Owner, Teachweb~

Kate Minogue, Poise and Posture

I asked Claire at The Content Boutique to provide a content audit of my new website because my business wasn’t appearing in searches. Her approach was brisk and positive, starting with a phone call followed by the content audit itself, and a final phone call to tie up loose ends. I found the page-by-page suggestions very clear and I liked the way I was able to rewrite for myself following her guidelines. I now get much better search results!

~Kate Minogue, Poise and Posture~

Anais Bresle, Marketing Manager, Exchange Data International

It was a pleasure to work with Claire, an experienced marketer who combines proven theories with fresh ideas to meet your business goals. She helped us build a more robust content strategy; giving us loads of advice and tips to easily manage our editorial calendar. She also brought her critical eye to our website and helped us optimise both our ranking and visitors engagement.

~Anais Bresle, Marketing Manager, Exchange Data International~

Jonathan Bloch, CEO, Exchange Data International

Claire worked for us as an interim Marketing Manager while our Marketing Manager enjoyed maternity leave. Claire quickly mastered her brief and made useful suggestions for increasing our digital presence. She co-ordinated designers, staff, and others to keep the marketing program on track. We would recommend her.

~Jonathan Bloch, CEO, Exchange Data International~

Rachel Skinner, Lomax & Skinner

I recently engaged Claire Hawes to help me get to grips with LinkedIn. Claire had been recommended to me and I loved her upbeat friendly approach. It was just a one-hour workshop which was jam-packed full of useful information and tips and importantly on-trend and up-to-date in the ever-expanding social media world. Being shown what to do face to face makes it much easier to understand, I’ve come away having learned a great deal and would highly recommend Claire.

~Rachel Skinner, Lomax & Skinner~

Chief Information Officer, EAO

I worked with Claire on a project to implement a new website for EAO group. This was a challenging project involving a corporate site and multiple local language versions. With Claire’s help, the project was completed on time and on budget. I have no hesitation in recommending Claire’s web copywriting services and media skills in the future.

~Matthias Studer~

Business Finance Specialist, The Business Bureau

Having worked with Claire on a number projects, she was able to quickly grasp our requirements, and implemented improvements that has not only improved the way our web site looks and works, but it’s position in the rankings. Our ongoing projects are made simpler with Claire’s involvement and I would have no hesitation in recommending her work.

~Simon Button~

Business & Marketing Strategy Expert, Yada

Claire is a great experienced marketer and copywriter – such an asset to have on the team as she is always professional, reliable and utterly clear in her communications. She is an expert in financial markets – but has the ability to grasp the complexities of many sectors, from engineering to education, financial services to retail and IT. A pleasure to work with.

~Liz Barnes~

Asset Based Lending Operations Expert, Business Certainty

Claire has not only re-designed my website but also introduced regular blogs. I have received many compliments on both, from a content as well as an informative point of view. I would recommend Claire to anyone looking to project a clear, concise – and amusing – message to their market.

~Tracy Turner~


Claire Hawes has been writing Metastar’s web copy for many years now. We are extremely grateful as we found a reliable, enthusiastic individual who works hard to deliver great web copy to tight schedules and within budget. Thanks Claire!

~Sonja Lange~

Ready to wow your readers and start getting a return on investment from your website and marketing activities?

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