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Why smart business owners regularly audit their website content

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What is a website content audit and how do regular content audits benefit website traffic and enquiries?

Did you know that 89% of consumers begin their buying process with an online search?

Here’s the thing. Your website is the hub of your digital marketing efforts.

So if your appearance in the search engines and your website fail to connect with and engage prospective customers, then you need to take action.

But that’s not all. Every digital marketing activity you carry out from search engine optimisation through to content marketing, social media and email drives audiences to your website.

So you need to know if your site is supporting your marketing goals.

But where to start?

A website content audit can help. Let me explain how it works:

What is a website content audit?

A website content audit examines how well website copy (words) perform across the pages of your website. It aims to discover how your website copy:

  • Drives traffic to your website
  • Helps your business to achieve its marketing goals (such as increasing enquiries and sales)

What does a website content audit cover?

First off, it assesses how clearly you outline your promise. By this, I mean how your product/service solves your audience’s problems and the benefits you offer.

Next, it looks at how persuasive your messaging is. Is your copy customer-focused? How accurate and up to date is it? Does is answer your audience’s questions in a language it understands?

Then is assesses how content guides readers through their decision making and drives action. And if you provide proof and credibility to support your claims.

After that, it looks at how your content flows. How logically you place your content. How easy it is to navigate your site. And how hard your visitor needs to work to find the information it needs.

Beyond that, a content audit looks at your tone of voice, consistency of messaging and formatting. The aim is to find out how easy your content is to read and digest.

Most importantly, a content audit assesses how well your copy ticks search engine optimisation (SEO) boxes.

What you’ll achieve from an audit

First off, your website content audit will identify content strengths and weaknesses.

After that, it will identify gaps and give you recommendations and a roadmap for making strategic changes that’ll improve the performance of your website.

Why you should consider outsourcing your content audit

An independent auditor looks at your website with fresh eyes. Not only that, a third party has an objective and impartial approach.

How often do you need to audit?

To get consistent results from online marketing, audit your content regularly. With this in mind don’t use an audit to troubleshoot problems when they arise.

What makes a successful website content audit?

You’ll want to work with a website content auditor that:

  • Is up to date with the latest SEO copywriting techniques and website industry standards
  • Has studied and compiled website content tips and strategies over many years
  • Knows the right questions to ask to understand your business, products and services and most importantly your goals

To sum up

Your website is the hub of your online and offline marketing activities. It communicates what problems you can solve for your audience and how you differ from your competition.

So useful, relevant and persuasive sales focused web copy is fundamental to its success.

With 89% of consumers beginning their buying process with a search online, can you afford not to assess your content’s effectiveness at attracting visitors in the search engines and guiding action?

And finally

The good news is it doesn’t have to be you who carries out a content audit.

If you would like help getting the groundwork you need to produce smarter content that drives more traffic and generates more leads, then get in touch about pricing for a content audit. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.

Claire Hawes, copywriter and owner of The Content BoutiqueAbout Claire Hawes

Claire Hawes is a marketing communications copywriter. She enjoys writing engaging copy that helps businesses to get noticed and attract enquiries. Claire’s experience mainly lies in the business to business sector. Her clients include both businesses and digital marketing agencies.

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