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What Harry and Meghan can teach you about brand storytelling

From shaping how people view you to using social media to communicate your brand story, here are 4 lessons you can learn from the Royal Engagement

Bring out the bunting. There’s going to be a royal wedding. Royal watchers and journalists have been getting excited about this story for months now.

But even if you don’t have the media hanging onto your every business communication, there are brand storytelling lessons you can learn from Harry and Meghan’s engagement.

Lesson 1: Use storytelling to build your brand

In an interview in June, Harry committed to modernising the monarchy. Well, he’s certainly done that.

She’s American. She’s a divorcee. She’s mixed race. She’s a humanitarian. Tick… tick… tick…

The story of Harry and Meghan’s refreshing and modern relationship has hooked and persuaded a global audience that the Royal brand is still relevant.

Your royal brand storytelling takeaway

Everybody loves a good story. They engage, educate and entertain. Go back to your roots and rediscover the story behind your own business. What motivated you to do what you do today? Do this and you’ll understand what makes your business unique.

Then use your story to build a narrative around your products and services.

Lesson 2: The importance of authenticity

Once upon a time there was a prince and an actress.

“The stars were aligned the day I met Meghan,” Said former wild-child Prince Harry. “We’re just a normal couple who enjoy cosy nights together eating roast chicken.”

Your royal brand storytelling takeaway

Good stories set the scene and provide context. They walk your audience through a journey. But they need to be authentic.

Of course, for an authentic story, you need to look no further than your customers.

Why? Because stories told in your customer’s words are memorable and persuasive.

Better still, customer stories or case studies provide 3rd party proof you can do what you say you can do.

Lesson 3: Use suspense to build excitement in your brand story

Rumours swirled around the question of the Royal Engagement for weeks.

Meghan packed up her house in Toronto… She was seen shopping in London…

Will they?… Won’t they?

Your royal brand storytelling takeaway

Likewise use suspense to build excitement and keep readers glued to your own brand story.

For example, if you are writing a blog post or a sales page:

“Ever wondered how other people in (your area of business) never seem to struggle with (X problem?) Read on to find out…”

Elsewhere use a countdown to build excitement in product launches, workshops and events.

Lesson 4: Forge connections by sharing your brand story via social media

Clarence House (Harry’s father) announced Harry and Meghan’s engagement on Twitter.

The Royal Family and Kensington Palace quickly retweeted the announcement.

Elsewhere the Royal Family posted news of the engagement on its website and Facebook page.

Your royal brand storytelling takeaway

Follow the Royal Family’s lead and share your brand stories using social media. You’ll help people understand what you do and what you stand for.

To do this, pay attention to where your audience hangs out socially. Then like the Royal Family, time your updates for maximum engagement.

What’s more, just as the Royal Family did, combine your announcements with traditional marketing communications such as a press release.

Take another tip from Kensington Palace. Maximise visability by pinning announcements to the top of your news feed.

One more thing. Each social media platform has a personality. When writing social media updates, avoid the one size fits all approach. Write with your individual social media platform in mind.

To sum up

The Royal Family has 4 million likes on Facebook and 3.34 million followers on Twitter. They work hard to build engagement, particularly with a younger audience.

So take some time to examine their communication strategies. Do this, and just like Harry and Meghan, you’ll live happily ever after.

And finally

If you would like help writing persuasive communications, then do get in touch. You’ll be surprised at how straightforward writing can grab your audience’s attention.

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