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4 reasons why case studies are an invaluable asset for your business

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Case studies tell real stories told by real customers. They provide 3rd party proof you can do what you say you can do. Are they part of your toolkit?

Once upon a time in a vibrant seaside town, there was a small business owner who wanted to stand out from his competitors. He asked his copywriter, ‘How can I prove my products are a cut above the rest?”

“Easy!” His copywriter responded. “Let me interview one of your customers and use the transcript to form a case study.”

Of all types of marketing content, case studies are the most powerful. They tell real stories, told by real customers.

Here are 4 reasons why you should include case studies in your tool kit.

1. When prospective customers are looking for an answer to a problem

Case studies address real problems. What’s more, case studies are written in language used by real customers.

This means all Google has to do, is match the language and key phrases used in your prospective customer’s search query to your case study.

Not only will your case study provide awareness of your products, but also it will improve your search engine rankings.

2. When prospective customers search for information

Case studies provide a wealth of content for a variety of communications collateral. Use the stories of your customer’s real-life problems to:

  • Provide new and captivating angles for blog posts
  • Make newsletters engaging
  • Provide scripts for animations, videos or podcasts

3. When prospective customers evaluate the alternatives

We’re bombarded with marketing messages every day. How do we cut to the chase to make a decision? We research the people who have bought that product or service and how the product or service worked for them.

  • Post your case study in full
  • Take quotes out of your case studies. Publish the quotes throughout your website to provide credibility to your claims

4. When prospective customers are considering buying your product

Case studies are perfect for closing sales. They provide 3rd party-proof your company can do what you say you can do.

They give your customers the reassurance they need that they’re making the right decision.

  • Post case studies online
  • Keep a file of case studies for face to face meetings

Once upon a time revisited

The seaside business owner took his copywriter up on her suggestion to write a case study.

To his delight, he found that stories written in his customer’s language were deemed authentic. Moreover, this authenticity persuaded.

As a result, he was able to win lots of new business.

And he lived happily ever after.

The end.

And finally

If you would like help writing case studies that provide social proof and credibility to your claims. Get in touch with The Content Boutique.

Claire Hawes, copywriter and owner of The Content BoutiqueAbout Claire Hawes

Claire Hawes is a marketing communications copywriter. She enjoys writing engaging copy that helps businesses to get noticed and attract enquiries. Claire’s experience mainly lies in the business to business sector. Her clients include both businesses and digital marketing agencies.

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