Is dull writing stopping readers from clicking on your links?

My copywriting services can help.

I am unable to take on freelance bookings between April and October 2022

Let’s create a buzz of excitement with words that get heard

Great graphic design will get you so far. But it’s your words that persuade and sell.

Hire me as your copywriter, and I’ll populate your website, content and marketing materials with persuasive words so that you can:

    • Drive visitors to your website
    • Educate people about what you do
    • Prompt clicks to make enquiries and buy

How I keep readers glued to your pages

SEO Copywriting

Get found in search engines. Then, when readers land on your pages, make their eyes widen, and bodies lean forward. Show them, yes, you can solve their problems. Also, prompt clicks to buy.

Content Creation

Arouse curiosity. Demonstrate, you understand your readers’ challenges. Let them know they’re not alone. Moreover, make them smile and nod in agreement. Then help them connect with you.



LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

Lay the foundations for long term and committed relationships by captivating readers with your story. After that, encourage them to find out more about you and to connect.

Customer Case Studies

Inspire readers with real stories told by actual customers. Illustrate a better way to solve their problems. Better still, provide 3rd party-proof you can do what you say you can do.

About me

My name is Claire Hawes, and I’m a copywriter, content creator and marketing communications professional.

When you give me information about your products/services, I’ll write words (marketing copy) that:

  • Get attention
  • Get your message across
  • And most importantly, get acted on

In other words, my copywriting services help you build a profitable relationship with your target audience.


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What is copywriting, & why do you need it


Let's eat, grandma! Why comma placement matters

6 content ideas to drive more traffic to your website

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Common questions answered

What is copywriting?

A copywriter writes compelling and persuasive words for websites, content creation and publicity materials.

How do your copywriting services work?

People do their homework before deciding to buy from you. I’ll help you:

    • Answer the question: What’s in it for me?
    • Establish your credibility
    • Give readers confidence that they’re making the right choice

What are the benefits of working with a copywriter?

I know you can write. But if it is not your day job, writing marketing copy can be daunting and time-consuming. Hire me, and you can be confident your marketing projects will happen on time and deliver results.

Why choose a freelance copywriter?

Unlike agencies, freelancers do not have large overheads. My office is my home which enables me to keep my rates competitive.

What my customers say about me

Lucinda Hope Director Simply Swim Sussex Ltd.

Claire Hawes from The Content Boutique recently did a wonderful job at rewriting my homepage for me. It now allows the user to access all areas of my site straight away and find the information they need. It is also more interesting and gives a good first impression when using the site which is so important. Claire also worked quickly and efficiently and within the stated time frame and I would recommend her as a copywriter.

~Lucinda Hope Director Simply Swim Sussex Ltd.~

Rick Smallwood, Owner, Teachweb

I have worked with Claire for around a year now and found her to be an efficient and knowledgeable business partner. She has raised our company's profile in social media.

~Rick Smallwood, Owner, Teachweb~

Kate Minogue, Poise and Posture

I asked Claire at The Content Boutique to provide a content audit of my new website because my business wasn't appearing in searches. Her approach was brisk and positive, starting with a phone call followed by the content audit itself, and a final phone call to tie up loose ends. I found the page-by-page suggestions very clear and I liked the way I was able to rewrite for myself following her guidelines. I now get much better search results!

~Kate Minogue, Poise and Posture~

Anais Bresle, Marketing Manager, Exchange Data International

It was a pleasure to work with Claire, an experienced marketer who combines proven theories with fresh ideas to meet your business goals. She helped us build a more robust content strategy; giving us loads of advice and tips to easily manage our editorial calendar. She also brought her critical eye to our website and helped us optimise both our ranking and visitors engagement.

~Anais Bresle, Marketing Manager, Exchange Data International~

Jonathan Bloch, CEO, Exchange Data International

Claire worked for us as an interim Marketing Manager while our Marketing Manager enjoyed maternity leave. Claire quickly mastered her brief and made useful suggestions for increasing our digital presence. She co-ordinated designers, staff, and others to keep the marketing program on track. We would recommend her.

~Jonathan Bloch, CEO, Exchange Data International~

Rachel Skinner, Lomax & Skinner

I recently engaged Claire Hawes to help me get to grips with LinkedIn. Claire had been recommended to me and I loved her upbeat friendly approach. It was just a one-hour workshop which was jam-packed full of useful information and tips and importantly on-trend and up-to-date in the ever-expanding social media world. Being shown what to do face to face makes it much easier to understand, I’ve come away having learned a great deal and would highly recommend Claire.

~Rachel Skinner, Lomax & Skinner~

Chief Information Officer, EAO

I worked with Claire on a project to implement a new website for EAO group. This was a challenging project involving a corporate site and multiple local language versions. With Claire’s help, the project was completed on time and on budget. I have no hesitation in recommending Claire’s web copywriting services and media skills in the future.

~Matthias Studer~

Business Finance Specialist, The Business Bureau

Having worked with Claire on a number projects, she was able to quickly grasp our requirements, and implemented improvements that has not only improved the way our web site looks and works, but it’s position in the rankings. Our ongoing projects are made simpler with Claire’s involvement and I would have no hesitation in recommending her work.

~Simon Button~

Business & Marketing Strategy Expert, Yada

Claire is a great experienced marketer and copywriter – such an asset to have on the team as she is always professional, reliable and utterly clear in her communications. She is an expert in financial markets – but has the ability to grasp the complexities of many sectors, from engineering to education, financial services to retail and IT. A pleasure to work with.

~Liz Barnes~

Asset Based Lending Operations Expert, Business Certainty

Claire has not only re-designed my website but also introduced regular blogs. I have received many compliments on both, from a content as well as an informative point of view. I would recommend Claire to anyone looking to project a clear, concise – and amusing – message to their market.

~Tracy Turner~


Claire Hawes has been writing Metastar’s web copy for many years now. We are extremely grateful as we found a reliable, enthusiastic individual who works hard to deliver great web copy to tight schedules and within budget. Thanks Claire!

~Sonja Lange~

Ready to wow your readers and start getting a return on investment from your website and marketing activities?

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